Algorithms: Black box testing of an alleged sorting method

Paul Taylor

March 2000

This is one of the for the assessed coursework to be handed in on 7 April 2000, and for the exam.
It is not easy.
A fellow student gives you a JAVA class file (but no source) containing a single method
    public static void student_sort (int [ ] array)
that s/he claims to be an implementation of one of the eight sorting algorithms that were discussed in this course. It may alter the given array, throw a exception or fail to terminate, but you may assume that it does not interfere in any way with other classes that are present, the operating system or any other aspect of its environment.
You have available tools for You do not have available any trustworthy sorting method.
Make a list of the programming errors that are commonly made in implementing methods like this. Design test data to give to student_sort, and explain how you would examine the possible responses, in order to find out whether student_sort has correctly implemented the algorithm.
If you can, identify specific kinds of programming error.
If student_sort is in fact correct, can you tell which of the eight algorithms it is?

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