Miscellaneous (La)TeX Macros

Paul Taylor


Since helping other people with their (La)TEX problems has only ever caused me grief (and in particular, maintaining a then state-of-the-art TEX system for the whole of Imperial College for fife years led directly to my losing my job there), I no longer maintain TEX macro packages or answer questions about TEX.
That is, with the exception of my categorical diagrams package.
There is also a separate page for proof trees, proof boxes and QED (the right-justified end-of-proof mark).
In other words, you use the following entirely at your own risk.
However, the usual courtesies apply: acknowledge, in particular when you circulate your own versions of my macros.
One widely circulated thing is my alphabetical list of mathematical symbols.
People sometimes ask about the 2-cum-omega symbol that I used for the subobject classifier in a topos in my book.
The answer is that, if you would like to take on the responsibility of designing an entire new font of mathematical symbols using MetaFont (including the hassle of responding to checksum errors generated by dvips) then I am willing to give you my MetaFont source code.

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