HTML pages for Practical Foundations of Mathematics

Paul Taylor

The HTML version of the book was originally created simply with the purpose of attracting Web search engines such as Google, in order to advertise the book, which was published in 1999.
At that time the technology available for translating LATEX into HTML was very primitive. In particular, the Web browsers of the time did not include typefaces containing mathematical symbols. Also, the LATEX in the book was particularly complicated, depending on a specific version of LATEX, which was at that time undergoing radical and rapid change. This means that the translation that I did do was very ad hoc, and not easy to repeat.
As you see from some of the papers on Abstract Stone Duality, I have been experimenting with Hevea, a more sophisticated program for translating LATEX into HTML. When I have finished working on those pages, including cross-references between them, I intend to create a new translation of the book.
In the meantime, I regret that the following pages and features are not available:
Paul Taylor

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