Translations of Journal Papers

Paul Taylor

Here are some translations that I have made of other people’s journal papers into English from other languages.

Nicolas Bourbaki

Sur le théorème de Zorn, Archiv der Mathematik 2 (1949) 434–7. (pirate copy on sci-hub).

On Zorn’s Lemma (2023).

Walter Felscher

Doppelte Hülleninduktion und ein Satz von Hessenberg und Bourbaki, Archiv der Mathematik, 13 (1962) 160–5 (pirate copy on sci-hub).

Double closure induction and a theorem of Hessenberg and Bourbaki (2022, including a lot of annotations by me).

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Demonstratio nova altera theorematis omnen functionem algebraicam rationalem integram unius variabilis in factores primi vel secundi gradus resolvi posse, Werke 3 (1815) 33–56. (whole volume scanned on

Gauss’s second proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra, (1983, with Bernard Leak)

Jean-Yves Girard

Lambda Calcul Typé, a graduate course on typed lambda-calculus given at the Université Paris VII in the autumn term of 1986–7.

Proofs and Types (1989, with Yves Lafont)

Casimir (Kazimierz) Kuratowski

Sur la notion d’ensemble fini, Fundamenta Mathematicae 1 (1920) 129–131.

On the notion of finite set (2023)

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.